5 Ways of Generating Leads through Social Media Marketing
Today, traditional marketing techniques no longer generate significant leads at the best ROI, like online marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is cost-effective, produces higher quality leads and offers a better ROI.
Regardless of the industry you are in, online marketing techniques, such as social media marketing, can generate the quality leads you want. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the main social marketing channels that you should be focusing on.

To generate targeted leads, you need an online brand presence that resonates well with your target customers. Social media marketing is a critical strategy for companies looking to reach their prospects without breaking the bank. When complemented with other inbound techniques like compelling blog posts, eBooks, videos and slideshow presentations, social media marketing can help you uncover the specific needs of your prospects and where they are on the sales funnel.

Below are five tips to help you get ROI from social media marketing.
Create and Share Relevant Quality Content

Write compelling blog posts and share them on your social media accounts. Apart from this, diversify your social media content by posting quality, informative and interesting photos, videos and presentations too.

The best content to share is that which will be shared over and over again. Therefore, you need to get creative with your content, from riding on trends to producing thought-provoking and share-worthy content for your industry. By writing and sharing quality content, you will improve your brand online and build a following, which you can then turn to leads down the road.
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Encourage Action on Your Landing Pages

Lead your website visitors and social media followers to custom landing pages where you can get more information about them.

Gauge the results you get from driving visitors to your landing pages. If you are generating leads through the pages, then your content or offer resonates well with your audience. If not, you may have to change the content on the landing pages. Make sure your landing pages are tailored for the type of offer you are presenting.
Stay in Touch With Your Leads

After generating leads, you have to nurture them. Constantly communicating with the leads through their preferred means, like email, is critical to getting them to trust your brand. It is likely that a lead will visit your website repeatedly if you communicate with him/her regularly.

Apart from this, you need to work hard to convert the leads into customers. Set up lead nurturing campaigns by providing additional relevant content on a regular basis. Gauge the performance of the content by checking how many leads are engaging with it.

The number of new conversions will tell you whether your efforts in social media marketing are rewarding.
Determine the Social Media Sites that Your Audience Uses

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular B2B social media sites. For most B2B companies, LinkedIn is the best place to generate leads followed by Facebook and Twitter.

According to a study by Weidert, LinkedIn has a 2.74% high visitor-to-lead conversation rate for B2B companies. This goes on to show how important it is to choose the right social media platform for your industry.
If you are just getting started with social media marketing for your B2B company, start off with these big sites. From there, you can figure out which site your target market mostly uses.
Share Other Content in Your Industry

The problem with exclusively sharing content about your business is that you will reach a point when you have nothing to post. Prospective leads can also be turned away by your self-promotional content.

Avoid filling your social media accounts with boring content about your company. Do not go on a promotional spree on your accounts or else you will annoy your followers. The fact that you already branded your social media page is enough to tell prospects about your company.

Implement a Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

To generate quality leads for your business, you need social media marketing in your online marketing strategy. The above are five tips for generating qualified leads through social media marketing.

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