5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Methods That You Should Use at Your Retail Operation
Facebook Messenger marketing can be a useful tool in any marketing campaign. How does it work, however, and how do you get it properly set up? What follows is a short explanation of how Facebook Messenger marketing can help you reach your marketing goals.
How do you use Facebook Messenger for marketing?
Many marketing campaigns use email to engage their customers. While it is likely to deliver results for many, it's important to remember that people spend less time on their email apps than they do on their messaging apps.

When you market with Facebook Messenger, you stay in touch with your customers on the messaging app over their journey from the top of the sales funnel, all the way through to the other end. Messenger is better than email for a few reasons:

• Messenger tends to be more visible than emails.

• Since Messenger promises speedy communication, it is opened at higher rates than email.

• It enables fast two-way communication, some of which can be automated with chatbots.

When you send an abandoned cart message over email, for instance, your message may get lost among hundreds of other unopened messages. When people receive messages over Facebook Messenger, however, it gets their phone to vibrate.
The reasons you should use Facebook Messenger marketing
There are more than 1.3 billion people on Facebook Messenger each month; it's likely that many of your customers are on the messaging app. Businesses are able to automate their Facebook Messenger communications in many ways for better customer response. Just as you can design different kinds of email automation flows to cultivate your customers, you can create different kinds of Facebook Messenger flows, as well. What follows are five different ways in which you can apply Facebook Messenger to your marketing campaigns.
Automate messages reminding customers about abandoned carts
When a customer places something in their cart but doesn't go through with the purchase, you can have a chatbot automatically ask them a few hours later if they would like to come back, or if there are questions that you can answer. Most businesses that automate Facebook Messenger to send out messages about abandoned carts report converting about ten percent of such customers.
You can send out receipts for purchases
You can automate Facebook Messenger to send out a receipt for every order that you receive. When designed well, a receipt can be a great way to thank your customers, and start a relationship based on what feels more like friendly conversation than email. Facebook Messenger can help your customers bond with you.
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You can send out messages when you've shipped
While you can send out SMS messages to customers when you ship a product, Facebook Messenger can feel more personal. Shipping messages help build trust among customers.
Draw out customers
At a physical retail location, the owner of the store typically greets a customer who walks in. When a potential customer sends a message over Facebook Messenger to your online store, you should be able to greet them in similar fashion. You can set up a chatbot to welcome a customer who messages you for the first time, ask them what they are looking for, and make them feel welcome.
Help your clients find products
If your store has many products, you can help customers coming in for the first time to find what they need by programming a chatbot to ask them a set series of questions, and making recommendations. The chatbot can remember preferences and choices made over several visits to give customers personalized treatment.
Implementing Facebook Messenger marketing
You have two ways of using Facebook Messenger marketing -- you can either build a bot yourself, or use an automation product supplied by Facebook Messenger. Facebook offers plenty of developer information for those who wish to build themselves. If you'd like a custom-developed bot product, you can use the services of a marketing agency, as well.

Facebook Messenger marketing methods continue to evolve. In the future, customers may be able to use a chatbot to automatically get recommendations based on product pictures that they send in. Artificial intelligence may be able to optimize the customer experience, as well.

Facebook Messenger is a great way to offer customers a new and personalised kind of buying experience. Businesses that start on Messenger now are likely to have a great head start.

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